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Video Demonstration Showing Climb Up To Filomena's Window
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A British television documentary titled: "Amanda Knox Trial: 5 Key Questions" which aired September 26, 2013, demonstrated how easily an intruder could have entered the cottage through Filomena's window.
In the images above and below, you can see the climber using the rungs on the lower window like a ladder  to reach Filomena's window. Note how the climber's shoes leave no marks on the wall after walking across the ground below. 
The image above shows the climber reaching the window sill while standing on the bottom rung of the lower window.

The next three images below show how the shutters can be opened while standing on the upper rung of the lower window. From this position the climber is also able to demonstrate how the intruder would have been able to prepare the window for entry while standing on the upper rung.
In the images above and below you can see how easily the climber reaches the window while standing on the top rung of the lower window. From this position, the climber shows how an intruder could have easily opened the shutters, opened the window, cleared glass from the frame, and anything else he felt the need to do before pulling himself up through the window.
In the image above, the climber demonstrates how an intruder would have been able to pull himself up through the window before the security bars were installed. Keep in mind, with no security bars to stop the intruder, the window would be fully opened at this point, giving the climber the inside of the sill and the sides of the window to hold onto as he made his way into the cottage.
The security bars were on the lower level window at the time of the murder, giving Rudy Guede a way to climb up to Filomena's window. The owner of the cottage added the security bars to the upper window after the murder, preventing the climber in this video demonstration from actually entering the cottage. But as you can clearly see in the video above and the video stills below, entry into the cottage would be an easy task if it were not for the newly installed security bars.
When it comes to gaining entrance to the cottage through Filomena's window, the climber concludes that "it's not a problem."

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