There were hundreds of people involved in this case. I have provided photographs for the people that were directly related to the trial. I will not be posting any photographs of the Kercher family, the Knox family or the Sollecito family other than the defendants and the victim.
        Giulia Bongiorno
         Raffaele's Lawyer

      Carlo Dalla Vedova
       Amanda's Lawyer

        Edgardo Giobbi
         Lead investigator

       Meredith Kercher

   Patrick Diya Lumumba


       Giancarlo Massei
           The Judge

          Paolo Micheli
          pre-trial Judge

       Theodore Simon
Hired as consultant for appeal

      Patrizia Stefanoni
   prosecution's DNA expert
        Manuela Comodi
        The co-prosecutor

        Luciano Ghirga
        Amanda's Lawyer

           Rudy Guede

          Amanda Knox

            Luca Maori
         Raffaele's Lawyer

       Claudia Matteini
       Preliminary judge.

        Giuliano Mignini
         Lead prosecutor

       Raffaele Sollecito

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