There have been numerous reports that bleach receipts were found at Raffaele's apartment. These receipts simply do not exist. The accusation that Amanda or Raffaele bought bleach on the morning after the murder or at any point after that is simply not true.

The police searched Raffaele's apartment on November 16, 2007. They went through plastic shopping bags to examine receipts. The police took video of the receipts that were found. They held them in front of the camera so it is possible to see the dates on each one.

There were five receipts found. All of the receipts are from 2007. They are dated February 11, March 17, March 21, May, and November 4. None of the receipts show that bleach was purchased. The November 4, 2007 receipt was for pizza.

The Truth About the Receipts Found at Raffaele's Apartment
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