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October 1, 2011 Amanda Knox's final statement
News Archive Covering Appeal

October 14, 2011:  Mainstream Media Guilty; Citizen Journalism Innocent

October 14, 2011:  Amanda Knox: Home at Last

October 6, 2011:  Amanda Knox supporters in Seattle react to verdict of appeal

October 6, 2011:  Exclusive Picture of Amanda Knox Prosecutor as He Hears Verdict

October 5, 2011:  Too many people were willing to believe lurid slurs about Amanda Knox

October 4, 2011:  ABC NEWS VIDEO: See Verdict Read -  Amanda Knox Acquitted, Innocent and Set Free

October 4, 2011:  Amanda Knox leaves Italy a free woman

October 4, 2011:  Knox thanks Italians who supported her

October 4, 2011:  BSU professor's work helps set Amanda Knox free

October 3, 2011:  Supporters of Amanda Knox elated that she’s going home

October 3, 2011:  Amanda Knox makes emotional appeal for freedom "after four hopeless years" in prison

October 2, 2011:  CBS News, Peter Van Zandt: Amanda Knox appeals trial winding down

October 1, 2011:  Friends from Seattle in Italy to support Amanda Knox, Candace Dempsey Interview

October 1, 2011:  20/20 Amanda Knox: Countdown to a Verdict 3 part video. Excellent summation of the case.

October 1, 2011:  Case vs. Amanda Knox called "farce"

October 1, 2011:  Friends from Seattle in Italy to support Amanda Knox

September 30, 2011:  Ex-FBI agent on Knox case: Italian justice on trial

September 30, 2011:  Knox's parents: 'She's not staying here. Period.'

September 30, 2011:  CBS News: Prosecutors attempt to dehumanize Amanda Knox

September 30, 2011:  ABC News Video: Amanda Knox Trial: Emotional Closing in Court

September 30, 2011: Perugia Shock: KNOX’S LAWYERS ACCUSE

September 29, 2011: Amanda's Appeal: End Game

September 28, 2011: Unarresting the Arrested:FBI Profiler John Douglas on the case against Amanda Knox & Raffaele Sollecito

September 28, 2011: SALEM, ITALY

September 26, 2011:  Amanda Knox's Innocence Is No Technicality

September 25, 2011:  Amanda Knox: Evidence Uncollected by Forensic Police

September 25, 2011:  Shouldn’t We Trust the Authorities in the Meredith Kercher Murder Case?

September 25, 2011:  Friend: Knox can't eat, sleep as verdict nears

September 25, 2011:  Amanda Knox prosecutor: Ignore science, demand life, think of wedddings By Candace Dempsey

September 24, 2011:  Amanda Knox, Raffaele Sollecito, and the complete lack of mixed blood

September 24, 2011:  Latest Amanda Knox News: The Problems with the Prosecutors’ Closing Arguments

September 22, 2011:  The Amanda Knox Case: An Alleged Scenario with no Known Parallel in the History of Crime

September 22, 2011:  View-from-Wilmington: Questions and answers about the mixed DNA samples By Chris Halkides

September 18, 2011:  gmancasefile: ci·vil·i·ty

September 17, 2011:  Will Italy's Misguided Persecution of Amanda Knox Finally End?

September 17, 2011:  Amanda Knox case is Italy’s West Memphis 3 By Candace Dempsey

September 17, 2011:  Confident and optimistic, Amanda Knox waits to hear the final verdict

September 15, 2011:  Amanda Knox and the Architects of the Foxy Knoxy Myth

September 15, 2011:  10 new reasons why Amanda Knox must go free By Candace Dempsey

September 12, 2011:  Seeking True Justice for Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito, Not Personal Gain for the Prosecutors

September 10, 2011:  At Long Last, Ms. Coulter, Have You No Sense Of Decency? By Steve Moore

September 9, 2011:  The Amanda Knox Case: The Hard Questions the Press Have Never Asked

September 8, 2011:  Amanda Knox defense wins last-minute DNA smackdown By Candace Dempsey

September 7, 2011:  Local DNA expert overjoyed by latest Amanda Knox developments

September 7, 2011:  Father of Amanda Knox: prosecutors "have no case left"

September 7, 2011:  CNN Video - Interview With Curt Knox

September 7, 2011:   "Amanda Knox will be freed" says Italian prosecutor; Judge won't allow new DNA tests by prosecution

September 7, 2011:  Knox prosecutors lose bid for new DNA review

September 7, 2011:  Amanda Knox "hopeful" after blow to prosecution

September 6, 2011:  ABC News: Amanda Knox Prosecutors Fight Back

September 5, 2011:  It's time to let them go! Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito have played by the Italian rules.

September 4, 2011:  Prosecution on the ropes in Amanda Knox case

September 4, 2011:   WHAT BLINDED JUSTICE?  By Steve Moore

September 4, 2011:  View-from-Wilmington: The likelihood of DNA contamination -  Part 31 in the Knox/Sollecito case By Chris Halkides

September 3, 2011:  Amanda Knox appeal trial continues Monday, Sept. 5. DNA experts to be challenged

September 1, 2011:  A STATE OF FAILURE By Steve Moore

August 31, 2011:  Perugia Journal: Mother’s Long Vigil for Seattle Woman Jailed in Murder

August 31, 2011:  The Amanda Knox Case: New Questions Emerge Surrounding the Role of the Milanese Police

August 31, 2011:  Ordinary People, Extraordinary Circumstances

August 23, 2011:  Prosecution Lackey John Follain Delays Release of Book About Amanda Knox

August 22, 2011:  The Kercher’s responsibilities for bringing true closure on Meredith

August 20, 2011: What do the West Memphis Three and Amanda Knox Have in Common?

August 4, 2011: 
Amanda Is Not Afraid Of The Truth By Karen Pruett

August 1, 2011:  Amanda Knox: One Step Back, Two Steps Forward to Freedom

August 1, 2011:  Fox News: Forensic Experts: Amanda Knox DNA Evidence is Unreliable

July 29, 2011:  Amanda Knox testimony ends with “DNA torpedo” July 30 By Candace Dempsey

July 29, 2011:  Amanda Knox prosecutors pursue life sentence despite setbacks

July 26, 2011:  Italians cops harass scientists in Amanda Knox trial By Candace Dempsey

July 25, 2011:  ABC News: Amanda Knox Family: DNA Testimony Puts Her 'Closer to Freedom'

July 25, 2011:  DNA Experts Cast Doubt on Amanda Knox's Murder Conviction

July 25, 2011:  Associated Press: DNA experts highlight problems with Amanda Knox case

July 25, 2011:  MSNBC: Forensic experts attack Amanda Knox trial evidence

July 25, 2011: Video: 'Excellent day' in court for Amanda Knox

July 25, 2011: The courtroom was chuckling" as court-appointed forensics experts testified today in Knox case; results put prosecution on the defense

July 25, 2011: Moore reflects on newest findings in Amanda Knox trial

July 25, 2011: Does the Daily Beast Look a Little Yellower To You Lately?

July 13, 2011:  Why Won't the State Department Speak Up for Amanda Knox

July 12, 2011:  Steve Moore Vindicated in Lawsuit With Pepperdine University

July 12, 2011:  MOORE v. PEPPERDINE By Steve Moore

July 8, 2011:  Italian Law Twist and Shout By Karen Pruett

July 7, 2011:   View-from-Wilmington: Forensic tests for the presence of blood

July 6, 2011:  From Casey Anthony in Florida to Amanda Knox in Italy

July 5, 2011:  Amanda Knox: Expert's Report Proves Forensics Expert Lied

July 5, 2011:  Mark C. Waterbury, Amanda Knox Book Author: "The Prosecution Has No Case Anymore"

July 4, 2011:  CNN: Amanda Knox parents' libel judge resigns

July 4, 2011:  ABC News: Amanda Knox in Court in Battle With Lifetime Over TV Movie

July 4, 2011:  Italians to try Amanda Knox’s parents on July 4 holiday By Candace Dempsey

July 4, 2011:  Amanda Knox's mom appears in Italian court for libel suit, learns case is postponed till next year By Steve Shay

July 2, 2011:  Amanda Knox Case Scares Away Tourists By Candace Dempsey


June 30, 2011:  Amanda Knox: DNA doesn’t fit, will judge acquit? By Candace Dempsey

June 30, 2011:  Amanda Knox Update: Another Black Eye for Italy's Inquisitor

June 29, 2011:  Evidence Gift Wrapped For the Prosecution Proven Unreliable in Amanda Knox Case

June 29, 2011:  Perugia Shock: THERE’S NO DNA ANYMORE

June 29, 2011:  ABC News Video: Amanda Knox Case: Hope for Release?

June 29, 2011:  View-from-Wilmington: The Independent DNA Experts Weigh In

June 29, 2011:  THE BEGINNING OF THE END? By Steve Moore

June 29, 2011:  UPDATE: DNA on knife that jailed Amanda Knox retested, found unreliable By Steve Shay

June 29, 2011:  PERUGIA, Italy (Reuters) Forensic experts discredit evidence against Amanda Knox

June 29, 2011:  Amanda Knox Gets Big Legal Win! DNA Evidence Contaminated!

June 28, 2011:  Amanda Knox Appeal: a Day of Irrelevance By Bruce Fisher  

June 27, 2011:  Amanda Knox Accuser Couldn’t Read His Own Accusations By Candace Dempsey

June 27, 2011:  Rolling Stone: The Neverending Nightmare of Amanda Knox

June 25, 2011:  Man Responsible for Meredith Kercher's Murder Expected to Testify in Amanda Knox Case

June 23, 2011: Journalists Mischaracterize Importance of Witness Testimony in Amanda Knox case By Bruce Fisher

June 23, 2011:  NYC “Super-Lawyer” Offers Services to GroundReport

June 22, 2011:  Amanda Knox: “She doesn’t have to prove her innocence” By Candace Dempsey

June 20, 2011:  The Amanda Knox Appeal Trial: Five Witnesses Declare Her Innocence

June 18, 2011:  Associated Press Video:  Witness in Amanda Knox trial says he can clear her

June 18, 2011:  ABC News: Amanda Knox Murder Appeal: Convicted Inmate Says Knox Is Innocent

June 18, 2011:  CBS News: Five inmates defend Amanda Knox during appeal

June 18, 2011:  Two prisoners testify Amanda Knox "was not involved" By Steve Shay

June 15, 2011:  Amanda Knox Update: Unhinged Prosecutor Faces Humiliation

June 15, 2011:  Amanda Knox fan busted for “religious insult” By Candace Dempsey

June 12, 2011:  Amanda Knox and the serial killer

June 10, 2011:  Amanda Knox: July 8 fundraiser, Judge Heavey demands answers from Obama;Head prosecutor flip-flops in interview By Steve Shay

June 10, 2011:  Seattle judge wants State Department probed over Amanda Knox case

June 10, 2011:  ABA Journal Italian Prosecutor Says He Can’t Place Amanda Knox In Murder Room

June 9, 2011:  Bombshell: Prosecutor can’t put Amanda Knox in murder room By Candace Dempsey

June 8, 2011:  Failure to Protect Amanda Knox’ Rights Decried in Letter to President Obama

June 7, 2011:  Shocking interview with Prosecutor Mignini: Amanda Knox exonerated?

June 6, 2011:  The Monster of Florence Claims New Victims By Karen Pruett

June 3, 2011:  Update on Anti Amanda Knox Blogger Peter Quennell: A Predictable Reaction

June 2, 2011:  Disappearing DNA Lifts Amanda Knox Defense By Candace Dempsey

June 2, 2011:  Disturbing Emails Expose Anti Amanda Knox Blogger Peter Quennell

June 1, 2011:  ABC 20/20: Amanda Knox Family Sees Hopeful Signs in Italian Murder Appeal

May 27, 2011:  Amanda Knox: Traveler’s Advisory By Mark Waterbury with attorney Anne Bremner

May 27, 2011: Amanda Knox and the letter written by 11 lawmakers on her behalf By Steve Shay

May 26, 2011:  11 Italian Politicos Say: Investigate Amanda Knox Prosecution By Candace Dempsey

May 26, 2011:  AP NewsBreak: Lawmakers say Knox treated unfairly in campaign supporting US murder convict

May 26, 2011:  Slander Trial Begins for Amanda Knox by Karen Pruett

May 25, 2011:  Inside Amanda Knox’s Appeal: The Emperor Has No Clothes by Candace Dempsey

May 24, 2011:  Abusive Prosecutor in Amanda Knox Case Fails to Silence Reporter Frank Sfarzo

May 23, 2011:  Idaho Innocence Project Says Knox Not Guilty

May 21, 2011:  ABC News: Amanda Knox Appeal Hearing: 'I Want the Truth to Be Found'

May 21, 2011:  CBS News: Knox: Prison is frustrating, mentally exhausting

May 21, 2011:  NBC Today Show: Knox back in court fighting for freedom

May 20, 2011:  Is she Knox guilty? Sun probes evidence in Meredith murder from Bob Graham in Perugia

May 20, 2011:  Amanda Knox murder trial appeal hearing tomorrow puts prosecutor's DNA expert & witness expert on the spot by Steve Shay

May 20, 2011:  Amanda Knox Case: What really happened to Meredith Kercher?

May 19, 2011:  Knox father: DNA experts missing key info from Italy police

May 19, 2011:  The Independent DNA Experts and the Electronic Data Files, Part 28 in the Knox/Sollecito case by Chris Halkides

May 18, 2011:  How a Grad Student Scooped Amanda Knox Trial Journalist Andrea Vogt

May 18, 2011:  Amanda Knox Case: An Educator Standing Up For Truth In The Classroom

May 17, 2011:  Amanda Knox Back in Italian Courtroom, This Time on Slander Charges

May 16, 2011:  Washington Post: Amanda Knox trial blogger silenced by Google

May 16, 2011:  See court order that shut down Amanda Knox blog

May 13, 2011:  Sweden rescues Italian Amanda Knox blog. Google, are you watching? by Candace Dempsey

May 13, 2011:  Amanda Knox Prosecutor Continues Abuse of Power to Silence His Critics

May 12, 2011:  Mike Heavey Tells Amanda Knox Story to Vashon Rotary by Karen Pruett

May 11, 2011:  King 5 News: Amanda Knox trial blogger shut down

May 11, 2011:  News Clip on YouTube: King 5 News: Amanda Knox Trial Blogger Frank Sfarzo Shut Down By Prosecutor Giuliano Mignini

May 11, 2011:  Google silences blog critical of Amanda Knox prosecutor by Candace Dempsey

May 10, 2011:  Google shuts down site run by Italian blogger critical of Amanda Knox prosecutor Mignini by Steve Shay

May 10, 2011:  Stop withholding evidence, judge orders Amanda Knox prosecution by Candace Dempsey

May 7, 2011:  Amanda Knox: A Case Dominated By Sexual Obsession

May 1, 2011: ‘Murder Abroad: The Amanda Knox Story’ – CNN’s Drew Griffin Reports

April 28, 2011:  Rudy Guede: Amanda Knox was not there by Candace Dempsey

April 22, 2011:  Amanda Knox: Keep the Faith By Karen Pruett

April 20, 2011:  Authorities Called Out For Harassing Journalists in Amanda Knox Case by Bruce Fisher

April 20, 2011: CRIMESIDER: Amanda Knox reporters harrassed, jailed by authorities

April 19, 2011:  Amanda Knox prosecutor threatens Italian and U.S. journalists by Candace Dempsey

April 19, 2011:  In Italy, journalists threatened for reporting on murders

April 19, 2011:  Amanda Knox Is Innocent, Says BSU Researcher

April 14, 2011:  Amanda Knox: Trial By Fire by Karen Pruett

April 11, 2011:  Forensic investigator's papers on Meredith Kercher murder influence web forums

April 11, 2011:  Amanda Knox Forum - A Case for Innocence Q and A

April 8, 2011:  Speaker says Amanda Knox 'one-hundred percent innocent' | Seattleite's murder conviction in Italy now under appeal

April 8, 2011:  Amanda Knox: “Bloody footprints” tested negative for blood By Candace Dempsey

April 5, 2011: Italian Magazine Sheds Light on the Free Falling-Case Against Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito by Bruce FIsher

April 5, 2011: Head of Rome Police in Amanda Knox Case: “I knew she was guilty because she ate pizza” by Bruce Fisher

April 5, 2011:  SLIDESHOW: Amanda Knox panel makes the case for her innocence by Steve Shay

April 3, 2011:  Italian Magazine Sheds Light on the Free Falling-Case Against Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito

March 29, 2011:  AMANDA KNOX: THE CASE FOR INNOCENCE forum: UPDATE: Amanda Knox forum at Seattle U. to attract big names, public invited

March 28, 2011: Journalists Owe Amanda Knox & Raffaele Sollecito an Apology by Bruce Fisher

March 26, 2011:  Key Witness in Amanda Knox Trial Stumbles on Date He Saw Pair

March 26, 2011:  "Huge" apparent new findings for Amanda Knox

March 25, 2011: Wikipedia Founder Jimbo Wales Met with Hostility for Suggesting Review of Wiki's Current Amanda Knox Coverage by Bruce Fisher

March 24, 2011:  Komo News: Amanda Knox: US movie is 'invasion' of my life

March 24, 2011:  Amanda Knox Pleads With Judge to Block Lifetime Movie From TV and Internet. Includes video from Jim Lovering.

March 24, 2011:  Amanda Knox: No incriminating DNA on murder weapon by Candace Dempsey

March 23, 2011:  Does Wikipedia Host the Amanda Knox Guilt Project? by Candace Dempsey

March 23, 2011:  Wikipedia founder Jimbo Wales reviews page about Amanda Knox for inaccuracies by Steve Shay

March 21, 2011: UPDATE-SLIDESHOW: Amanda Knox bowling fundraiser nets over $1,600
By Steve Shay

March 20, 2011: Play the Shanghai Game with Amanda Knox by Candace Dempsey

March 15, 2011:  Associated Content: Dishonest Reporting on the Amanda Knox Case Continues to Fuel Anti-Knox Campaign by Bruce Fisher

March 11, 2011:  Amanda Knox vs. the Heroin Pusher by Candace Dempsey

March 11, 2011:  Injustice in Perugia and collective amygdala dysfunction by David Anderson

March 10, 2011:  National Review Online: Innocent in Perugia By Carol Iannone

March 10, 2011:  Lack of Common Sense Apparent in Amanda Knox Conviction by Bruce Fisher

March 10, 2011:  The Truth Behind the Online Hate Campaign Against Amanda Knox by Bruce Fisher

March 9, 2011:  Perugia Shock: Knox-Sollecito, Ochoa-Danziger and the Norfolk Four by Jim Lovering

March 8, 2011:  Press Release - Injustice in Perugia: a book detailing the wrongful conviction of Amanda Knox & Raffaele Sollecito

March 8, 2011:  Amanda Knox “I Was There” Doesn’t Put Her At Murder Scene by Candace Dempsey

March 6, 2011:  Journalist Andrea Vogt Continues to Fuel Hate Campaign Against Amanda Knox by Bruce Fisher

March 3, 2011:  Amanda Knox: Cartwheels & Confessions By Karen Pruett

February 25, 2011:  Review of Lifetime’s Amanda Knox Story By Michael Wiesner

February 23, 2011:  Amanda Knox Latest News: Lifetime movie full of mistakes, says CBS News producer

February 22, 2011: Steve Moore's response to the Lifetime movie on Amanda Knox.

February 22, 2011:  Amanda Knox Movie Flunks the Truthiness Test By Candace Dempsey

February 22, 2011:  Amanda Knox update: Family says Lifetime movie "riddled With a multitude of inaccuracies"

February 22, 2011:  Fact and Fiction in Amanda Knox Movie By Nikki Battiste

February 22, 2011:  The Monster of Perugia – The Framing of Amanda Knox is now available in print form.

February 21, 2011: Candace Dempsey and Mark Waterbury interviewed on King 5 Seattle: Controversial Amanda Knox movie set to premiere

February 17, 2011:  ABC News - Friends of Amanda Knox Fight Back on YouTube

February 8, 2011: 
Amanda Knox's Family Goes After Lifetime Film By Candace Dempsey

February 7, 2011:  Italy lawyers in Knox murder trial want film halted

February 6, 2011:  Amanda Knox lawyers seek to stop Lifetime film

January 23, 2011:  Update:DNA in Amanda Knox murder trial to be re-examined
New independent forensic experts have 90 days, it was ruled today By Steve Shay

January 19, 2011:  Why I believe that Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito are innocent, Part 25 in the Knox/Sollecito case by Chris Halkides

January 18, 2011:  Judge Michael Heavey speaks at Rotary luncheon on Amanda Knox, Curt Knox attends

January 16, 2011:  David C Anderson: Amanda Knox is a victim of Italian pride - The expert witness in another notorious trial says there were shocking failures in the investigation into Meredith Kercher's murder

January 13, 2011: Injustice in Perugia: a book detailing the wrongful conviction of Amanda Knox & Raffaele Sollecito, is now available.

January 12, 2011:  Busted for Heroin: Star Witness Against Amanda Knox Smacked Down By Candace Dempsey

December 28, 2010: 
Women in Crime Ink: Amanda Knox: "I'll be home for Christmas, if only in my dreams" by Anne Bremner

December 26, 2010:  Free Amanda Knox: A British Professor's Startling Statement by Candace Dempsey

December 20, 2010:  Amanda Knox Can Present New Evidence, Says Judge Claudio Pratillo Hellman by Steve Graham

December 18, 2010:  Court rules DNA in Amanda Knox case will be reviewed by independent team by Steve Shay

December 18, 2010:  There is hope for Amanda Knox now that the Perugia appeals court has agreed to an independent review of crucial DNA evidence

December 18, 2010:  Emotional Amanda Knox weeps as judge rules evidence against her can be reviewed

December 18, 2010:  Video - Amanda Knox has been granted a full review of DNA evidence

December 17, 2010:  Amanda Knox: The judge who could set her free by Candace Dempsey

December 17, 2010:  Amanda Knox: "She realises that innocence is not enough"
As Amanda Knox appeals against her conviction for the murder of Meredith Kercher, Bob Graham says it is the Italian judicial system that is in the docks.

December 11, 2010:  Amanda Knox Makes Emotional Appeal in Court - The Early Show - CBS

December 4, 2010:  What Really Happened to Meredith Kercher? Ron Hendry for

December 4, 2010:  Forensic expert says a single attacker killed Meredith Kercher, explains why

November 24, 2010:  Amanda Knox Appeal: American Makes Brief Court Appearance in Italy
Amanda Knox's Big Break - Court to Review DNA Evidence
FBI Agent Steve Moore Claims Amanda Knox Is Innocent of Murder ABC News
Amanda Knox News Conference Seattle Washington (October 4, 2011)
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