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People Associated With the Legal Proceedings
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Giulia Bongiorno (Raffaele's Lawyer)Manuela Comodi (Co-Prosecutor during first trial)Carlo Dalla Vedova (Amanda's Lawyer)Luciano Ghirga (Amanda's Lawyer)Edgardo Giobbi (Head of the forensic squad in Rome)Claudio Pratillo Hellmann (Judge presiding over the appeal trial)Patrick Diya LumumbaLuca Maori (Raffaele's Lawyer)Francesco Maresca (Lawyer for the Kercher family)Giancarlo Massei (Judge presiding over the first trial)Claudia Matteini (Preliminary Judge)Paolo Micheli (Pre-trial Judge)Giuliano Mignini (Lead Prosecutor during first trial, assisting on appeal)Theodore Simon (Hired as consultant for appeal)Patrizia Stefanoni (prosecution's forensic expert)Stefano Conti & Carla Vecchiotti (Court appointed forensic experts)
Injustice in Perugia
a website detailing the wrongful conviction of Amanda Knox & Raffaele Sollecito
Injustice in Perugia
The Appeal
The Victim
Meredith's Killer
Wrongfully Convicted