Evidence Collected From the Floor Was Severely Compromised.
Why was the floor so important? The floor of the cottage became a very important aspect of this case because key pieces of evidence that the prosecution attempted to attribute to Amanda and Raffaele were found on the floor. Evidence was also found on the floor that was attributed to Rudy. The shoe print evidence attributed to Rudy cannot be refuted. Rudy's shoes left prints, set in Meredith's blood, on the floor. We have visual proof that these prints are from Rudy's shoes. We also have confirmation that the prints were made in Meredith's blood. Sloppy evidence collection throughout the cottage would have no affect on this evidence.

The same cannot be said for the evidence attributed to Amanda and Raffaele. The bra clasp evidence and the stains found with luminol were severely compromised by the negligence of the investigators. The bra clasp evidence attributed to Raffaele was not visual. The evidence was based on the discovery of his DNA on the metal hook of the clasp. There was DNA of at least 5 people on the clasp. The clasp was found on the floor. DNA was tracked all around the cottage by investigators. The clasp was highly vulnerable to contamination laying on the floor for 47 days. When the clasp was finally collected, multiple investigators handled the clasp with dirty gloves.

The stains found with luminol were also severely compromised by the foot traffic in the cottage. The samples taken from those stains were collected using dirty gloves. Any DNA results gathered from the luminol stains are completely unreliable.

The investigator's gloves and shoe covers caused contamination of evidence on the floor  throughout the crime scene.

The investigators put shoe covers on before they entered the cottage. The problem is, they never changed the shoe covers when they walked from room to room. In fact, they are even seen walking in and out of the cottage. The shoe covers actually work like dust mops. This would mean that all of the DNA throughout the apartment would have quickly been spread from room to room. Shoe covers are designed to protect floors from shoe contamination. This means that they keep dirt from transferring to the floor from the shoe. However, any dirt on the floor will adhere to the bottom of the shoe covers. The covers quickly become dirty. The investigators in the video never change their shoe covers, thus causing even more contamination of the crime scene.

The photo below shows one of the investigators standing outside. He is still wearing the shoe covers. Where else did he walk? How many people's DNA did he pick up on those shoe covers? Was he one of the investigators that kicked the bra clasp? Did he step on the bra clasp? The clasp was left on the floor for 47 days. The clasp was seen in several different areas on the floor before it ended up in a pile of garbage. Did this investigator kick it there? How many Investigators were in the house wearing these same shoe covers?  The photo below also shows the investigator, still wearing his gloves, holding onto the railing. Did these investigators ever change their gloves?
As mentioned above, the investigators walked all over the cottage without changing shoe covers. They repeatedly walked in and out of Meredith's room. The hallway was a very high traffic area. The evidence on the floor was severely compromised but the time the luminol testing was done. The videos below might not look that significant. After all, investigators walk around crime scenes all the time. But in this case, key evidence for the prosecution was found on the floor. The bra clasp was most likely contaminated by the foot traffic. The stains detected using luminol were walked on repeatedly by many different investigators before they were tested. The luminol testing provide unreliable evidence.
The video above shows a cameraman walking out of Filomena's room down the hall to Meredith's doorway.
The video above shows a cameraman walking from the hallway into Amanda's room. It is safe to say that he walked back out.
The video above shows investigators walking from Meredith's room into a crowded hallway. Keep in mind, the floor in the hallway would later be tested with luminol. This video also shows Patrizia Stefanoni wrapping a mop handle in what appears to be gift wrap from the hall cabinet. We are not sure why this was done, we just thought it was interesting.
The image above is taken from the crime scene video. You can see three investigators working right outside Meredith's door. If you watch the video you will see that there are actually five investigators crowded in the hall. The evidence on the floor was severely compromised long before the luminol testing was done.
The image above is taken from the crime scene video. You can see that the floor in the hall was trashed by the investigators. This same floor would later be tested using luminol.
After wrapping the mop handle in gift wrap, Patrizia Stefanoni hands the mop to another investigator that walks the mop into Meredith's room. We think it is safe to say that she also walked back out of Meredith's room. Why did they gift wrap a mop and walk it around the cottage?
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