There were eight shoe prints, set in Meredith's blood, found in Meredith's room during the investigation. Six of the shoe prints were agreed to belong to Rudy Guede. Two of the shoe prints found in Meredith's room were disputed. The prosecution's expert believed that two of the prints belonged to Amanda and Raffaele. Raffaele Sollecito's forensics expert Francesco Vinci showed in great detail, in court,  that those two prints actually belonged to Rudy Guede. 

You can view Francesco Vinci's full report here.

So why is there a need for this page? This evidence needs to be shown because many people still believe that shoe prints from both Amanda and Raffaele were found in Meredith's room. This misinformation continues to be spread throughout the internet.

The prosecution had originally stated that there was one shoe print matching Raffaele Sollecito's shoes found on the tile floor. They also stated that one shoe print of a woman's size 37 shoe was found on a pillow case. The shoe print said to be a woman's shoe was attributed to Amanda.

The truth is, all of the shoe prints match Rudy's Nike Outbreak 2 shoes. There were no shoe prints or bare footprints found in Meredith's room that can be attributed to Amanda or Raffaele. The photos below show in great detail that the two shoe prints in question match Rudy's shoes perfectly. They are no match whatsoever to Raffaele's shoes. The alleged women's size 37 shoe was actually a partial shoe print from Rudy's Nike Outbreak 2 shoe.
The diagram below shows the basic layout of Meredith's room. There were three shoe prints found on the tile floor near the end of Meredith's bed. There were five shoe prints found on the pillow that was under Meredith's body.
The shoe on the left shows the pattern for Rudy Guede's Nike Outbreak 2 shoes. The shoe on the right is an actual photograph of the bottom of one of Raffaele's Air Force One shoes. As you can see the tread pattern has very noticeable differences.
The photograph below shows one of the three shoe prints that were found on the tile floor near the foot of Meredith's bed. Shoe print A was the disputed shoe print.
The photos below highlight shoe print A. This was the shoe print originally attributed to Raffaele by the prosecution. As you can clearly see, the shoe print matches Rudy Guede's Nike Outbreak 2 shoes.
This enhanced photo shows the pattern lining up perfectly with Rudy's shoe.
There were a total of five shoe prints found on the pillowcase. The prosecution's expert only found two shoe prints on the pillowcase. Forensics expert Francesco Vinci identified all five by highlighting the fabric using a process called Crimescope. None of these shoe prints represent a woman's shoe size 37. The prosecution's expert found one partial shoe print on the edge of the pillowcase. It was that shoe print that was said to be a woman's shoe. The truth is, there were three partial shoe prints on the edge of the pillowcase. All three partial shoe prints match the tread pattern on Rudy Guede's shoes.
The shoe print below is the print that was said to be a woman's size 37 shoe. This is a left shoe print. Vinci's rubber shoe prints show the tread on both sides. He did this so you can see the tread pattern as it would look on the fabric if the rubber shoe print was not there.
In the next series of photos, the pillowcase has been flipped over and the shoe print is viewed through the fabric.

Forensics expert Francesco Vinci showed without a doubt that this partial shoe print matched Rudy Guede's Nike Outbreak 2 shoes. As you can see in the photos below, the tread pattern of the Nike Outbreak 2 matches up perfectly with the stain.
Both the prosecution and defense agree that four of the shoe prints on the pillowcase belong to Rudy Guede. You can view the four undisputed shoe prints here.
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