Giuliano Mignini was the lead prosecutor in the Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito murder trial. Mignini was quick to take complete control over the investigation. Mignini had a vision of how this crime took place. He believed the crime started out as a sadistic sex game that turned into a brutal murder when Meredith refused to participate. His fantasy of a group sex game gone wrong was based on nothing more than his imagination. This is not the first time Mignini has had these visions. He already had a history of dreaming up satanic ritualistic murder fantasies. I will talk more about that below.

Amanda Knox, Raffaele Sollecito and Patrick Lumumba were arrested in Perugia Italy, on November 6th. 2007.

As the investigation progressed, investigators found a hand print on the bed at the crime scene. The finger prints pointed to an African man, Rudy Guede. Further investigation showed all of the evidence at the crime scene pointed to Guede. Patrick Lumumba had an unshakable alibi and he was eventually released. The evidence was clear. There was no evidence at all to suggest that Meredith was killed during a satanic ritualistic group sex game.

Prosecutor Mignini should have taken an entirely new look at the case. He had plenty of evidence to convict Rudy Guede. He had no evidence to convict Amanda and Raffaele. Mignini refused to rethink his original theory. He was convinced that Meredith Kercher was murdered in a group sex game. His office ran a smear campaign against Amanda Knox. Misinformation and outright lies were released to the public from Mignini's office. He was already under investigation for abuse of office in another case. He appeared to be using the same tactics in this case. He successfully destroyed Amanda Knox in the court of public opinion. She was considered guilty long before her trial ever started. This was largely in part to Mignini's use of the media to spread his lies. Mignini succeeded in his quest to convict two innocent people.

Shortly after Amanda and Raffaele were convicted, Mignini himself, was convicted. You can read an update about Mignini's conviction at the bottom of this page. Mignini was convicted of prosecutorial misconduct for his abuses committed during the Monster of Florence case. He received a sixteen month sentence for abuse of office and bugging journalists in connection with the Francesco Narducci (Monster of Florence) case.

There was a series of murders that occurred in Italy during the 1970s and 80s. The perpetrator of the murders was given the name "Monster of Florence" by the press. Young couples who were parked in remote areas presumably to have sex, were shot and the bodies of the female victims were mutilated. Crime experts believed that the perpetrator was a Jack the Ripper type killer. Mignini got involved in the Monster of Florence case while investigating the death of  Dr. Francesco Narducci, whose drowned corpse was found in a lake near Perugia. Mignini was far from an expert in these types of murders. He was a conspiracy theorist that liked to dream up wild fantasies. Mignini's theory was that the young couples were murdered so that their body parts could be used in rituals by satanic cults. Mignini believed that Dr. Narducci belonged to this cult, but he had become a security risk, so other cult members decided to kill him and make it look like an accident or suicide.

His theory was challenged by author Douglas Preston and his writing partner Mario Spezi. Douglas and Mario decided to write a book about the Monster of Florence. They both agreed that Mignini's theory was ridiculous. Mario Spezi stated so publicly. Mignini didn't like being challenged. Mignini had Spezi's office ransacked and he bugged his car. Mignini interrogated Preston and forced him to leave the country. Mignini arrested Spezi and threw him in jail. After three weeks in solitary confinement for no reason whatsoever, a judge ordered Spezi released despite Mignini's objections.

Mario Spezi's arrest drew the attention of CPJ, The Committee to Protect Journalists, an independent, nonpartisan organization dedicated to defending the rights of journalists worldwide. CPJ released a letter in regard to Spezi's arrest.

Douglas Preston was interrogated by Mignini. He was accused of being an accessory to murder involving the Monster of Florence case. He was made to believe that he would never see his family again. He thought he was going to an Italian prison. Preston says that his knees were shaking. He could hardly walk when he stood up. He was terrified. Mignini successfully forced Preston to leave Italy. Read all about the Monster of Florence case from Douglas Preston: A true crime story By Douglas Preston.

Mignini attacks anyone who disagrees with him. Spezi and Preston simply disagreed with Mignini's view of a crime. Mignini tried to destroy their lives. Mignini's tactics didn't change during Amanda and Raffaele's trial. Once again, Mignini attacked his critics. He has filed defamation charges against anyone that has publicly dared to disagree with him. Mignini has used these lawsuits to embarrass Amanda & Raffaele. He has attacked their families and their lawyers. He has used these lawsuits in an attempt to put fear into the minds of journalists in hopes to silence them. Here is a list of Mignini's lawsuits. The count stands at twelve. Who's next?

1. Amanda Knox: Charged with defamation of the police for claiming she was hit on the back of her head during her illegal interrogation. The wrongful conviction wasn't enough for Mignini.

2 & 3. Edda Mellas and Curt Knox: Amanda's parents were served with papers just before the ruling against their daughter, for simply repeating their daughters court testimony. During an interview, Amanda's parents told a reporter that Amanda testified in court, that she had been hit on the back of the head. They simply repeated the court testimony of their daughter. For that, Mignini slapped a lawsuit on them. Is he trying to keep them from visiting their daughter in prison? Is he really that cold hearted? I say yes. In my opinion, Mignini is an Unstable, cold hearted, worthless excuse of a human being.

4. The West Seattle Herald: Mignini filed defamation charges in this case because Herald reporter Steve Shay quoted other people saying Mignini was "mentally unstable". Mignini actually filed a lawsuit against a newspaper in Seattle Washington because they hurt his feelings. Read more here.

5. Joe Cottonwood - Take a look at Joe's Website. Joe is a fiction writer. Joe doesn't even like Amanda Knox. He was simply voicing his opinion about the case. Why was Mignini threatened by him?

Here is Joe's quote that won him the honors of a Magnini lawsuit: "The Meredith Kercher murder is one of those mirrors that reflects the prejudices of whoever is looking into it. There is no physical evidence and no credible motive, and yet an egotistical prosecutor is blaming Amanda Knox anyway. In the USA, this would only happen if she were black. Perhaps partying American college kids are so hated in Italy that Amanda will be treated as blacks are treated in the USA, and she will be convicted not because of the evidence but because of general resentment of shallow rich Americans. Personally, from what I've read I don't like Amanda Knox. She sounds spoiled, naive, and shallow. But that's not a crime. I loathe the prosecutor, who has a counterpart in every city in the USA - a preening, intellectually dishonest bully who cares more about making newspaper headlines than in serving justice. It's the same all over the world. Power and prejudice are the enemies of justice."

6. Luciano Ghirga, an attorney for Amanda Knox.

7. Luca Maori, an attorney for Raffaele Sollecito

8. Giangavino Sulas, journalist for Oggi magazine

9. The director and editor of Oggi magazine

10. Mario Spezi: Italian journalist who co-wrote The Monster of Florence with journalist and author Doug Preston. Mignini continues to torment Spezi for simply disagreeing with him.

11. Francesca Bene, an Italian reporter, said Knox had, in her opinion, advanced her cause by making clear what police had not previously conceded , that Knox thought she was being a helpful witness when in fact police were targeting her as a suspect and should have told her so. Mignini didn't like hearing the truth from Bene.

12. Gabriella Carlizzi: Carlizzi is a psychic. Mignini has charged Carlizzi with defamation multiple times. Doug Preston says that Mignini used Carlizzi as a witness in the Monster of Florence Case.

Mignini actually keeps blacklists. It has been reported that he targets his enemies. Click on the link below to read an article from Panorama Magazine. The text has been translated.

Giuliano Mignini's List of Enemies Detailed in Panorama Magazine

The Truth About Giuliano Mignini's Conviction

Tuesday, April 20, 2010 by Ray Turner

A few months ago the head prosecutor in the case against Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito, Giuliano Mignini, was convicted for conducting illegal investigations in connection with the Narducci case, an alleged murder originally thought to be a suicide. Incidentally, Mignini submitted a ridiculous "switched-body" scenario in that case just as ludicrous as his theory in the case at hand. For some context on the Narducci case, here is a short explanation.

Aside from the possibility of being forced from office as prosecutor, the Narducci case could have further repurcussions. Mignini's computer was seized and contained an enemies list. You can read more on that here.

Below is an explanation of the charges and conviction against Giuliano Mignini as well as the charge where he was acquitted.

Click here to view the sentencing report for Giuliano Mignini.

What were the charges Giuliano Mignini was convicted for?
The charges against Giuliano Mignini are threefold and involve more than just illegal wiretapping. The court convicted Mignini for the following:

1.) Illegally investigating journalists who had criticized him with the "intent to harass or deter them from pursuing their legitimate profession". Specifically the court found that Mignini had targeted Italian journalists Vincenzo Tessandori, Gennaro De Stefano, and Roberto Fiasconaro, because they had criticized his investigations into the death of Narducci.

2.) Ordering an illegal investigation of the Florentine ex police chief Giuseppe De Donno.

3.) Ordering illegal investigations of two officials of the Viminale, the Ministry of the Interior in Rome, including an illegal investigation of the Roberto Sgalla, ex-director of the office of external affairs.

Why were Giuliano Mignini's investigations illegal?
These investigations were illegal because they involved illegal wiretaps (wiretaps without judicial approval) and Mignini illegally created investigative files for the targets outside of normal judicial procedures and approvals. These were illegal freelance investigations, the court determined, designed to "harass and intimidate" people who had criticized him or Chief Inspector Michele Giuttari for their conduct in the Narducci investigation.

What was Giuliano Mignini acquitted of?
Along with being charged with conducting illegal investigations, Mignini was also charged with "aiding and abetting" where he was accused of informing Giuttari that he was the target of a criminal inquiry by the "procura di Genova" who was investigating Giuttari for doctoring the transcript and tape of a wiretap to put false and incriminating words in the mouth of a targeted suspect.

How serious are the charges?
Some uninformed bloggers have described the charges against Mignini as an "administrative charge"---a claim which is completely bogus. Mignini was given a 16 month prison sentence, 6 months more than even the prosecutor had asked for. However, he is unlikely to see jail time and his sentence is suspended while his case is on appeal.

While Mignini will most likely never spend time in jail, if his conviction is upheld, he will be removed from public office and never be allowed to serve as a prosecutor or judge again.

It is important to keep in mind that the Florentine judge in this case imposed a heavier sentence than what was asked for, which came as a huge surprise to even Mignini himself. A judge handing out a stronger sentence than asked for is extremely rare in Italy and serves as an incredibly strong condemnation of Mignini's illegal behavior (though under Italian law he is still presumed innocent until he has exhausted his appeals---as are Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito).

NOTE: Whenever you are in doubt about how serious a charge is, just look at the length of the possible sentence. That is the barometer for how seriously society judges that specific crime.


April 23, 2010: Update,  Monster of Florence: Giuliano Mignini's Satanic Theories Rejected by Judge

"Mignini's malicious and completely unwarranted accusations ruined many lives and impoverished the defendants and their families," Douglas Preston, the author of "The Monster of Florence," told Crimesider. Added Mario Spezi, Preston's co-author in Italy, "The great question is: How was it possible that Mignini was able to pursue a case that everyone knew was crazy?"

Mignini argued, at one point, that Amanda Knox was demonically motivated when, he says, she killed Meredith Kercher in November 2007.

Just like the court in the Monster case, the judge in the Kercher case threw out Mignini's demonic motive, saying there were no facts to prove it.

Late Tuesday evening, when the 20 defendants were freed of all charges, they celebrated in front of the courthouse, opening bottles of champagne.

Though happy about the ruling, Douglas Preston says, " I find it hard to celebrate." Preston points out that Mignini, himself, was convicted of Monster of Florence related charges in January. The Perugia prosecutor and his chief investigator were convicted of abuse of office while pursuing the case.

Add to that the fact that in the past two years, Mignini has hurled satanic charges against 23 people. With Tuesday's dismissals, and his failed arguments in the Kercher case, the Perugia prosecutor is 0 for 23 on the satanic tally board. Yet he remains in office. A fact neither Preston nor Spezi can understand.

Click here to read the entire Crimesider article regarding this ruling.

Why is Giuliano Mignini allowed to continue to prosecute cases?

Italy is to blame for allowing Giuliano Mignini to continue to prosecute cases. He was currently on trial for abuse of office when he was prosecuting Amanda and Raffaele's trial. He should have been nowhere near this case. Mignini is an unstable human being. He has repeatedly shown his paranoia by slapping defamation lawsuits on anyone that disagrees with him. He has made every attempt possible to destroy the lives of two innocent people. He should no longer have the power to prosecute. Even after his conviction for abuse of office, Mignini still holds onto his power.
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